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About Us

KALKO is a Greek  family owned business, which was established in 1980 by Kalaitzidis Konstantinos and specializes in the production of small
domestic appliances.

Our idea is "whatever we are producing to produce it perfect!" That's why we focus only on specific products, like mini ovens, cookers, cooker
hoods, heating appliances, domino hobs and commercial drink mixers.

KALKO has presence in many countries and considered as one of the top European small home appliances producer.

Since the first day we our principle is the creation of products focusing on its safety, performance, usability and long lasting use.

We still create products with this principle.

The creation steps include design and simulate of products before the final production.
All our products follow the rules and directives of the market, this is proved by the numerous certificates that all our products have.

The testing includes the testing of performance and usability. We test our products in real life, cooking and testing our meals, heating the places
where we live and work.

The long lasting use is proved by our customers and their smiles when we meet them!

KALKO is proud to produce products that you will never stop using them!
ARKADIOU st, KALOHORI - THESSALONIKI, GREECE, pc 57009, T.+30 2310 735444,
electric and gas appliances, since 1980
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