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The products posted on are presented with retail prices including VAT and other fees (eg recycling fee). In addition to retail costs, the individual user / customer also pays the cost of transport, the size of which will be disclosed before the final submission of his order. The company may modify the prices of its products. Any modification will not affect existing orders that are being processed or sent.


The alternative payment options available at for purchases through the online store are as follows:


– Credit or debit card


The process of clearing your payment is undertaken by National Bank of Greece, thus ensuring the absolute security of your transaction.


For the added security of electronic credit card transactions, the customer automatically transfers to a secure server at the Bank’s service in the credit purchase process. All data transferred electronically by the customer (credit card details) to the Bank’s service, as well as their transfer from the Bank to VISA and MasterCard, are covered by the 256-bit SSL encryption algorithm, the most powerful encryption currently available worldwide.


The payment platform accepts MASTERCARD, MAESTRO and VISA cards.


In this case, card data is not stored but used during check and debit. So the transactions you make at our online store through credit cards are absolutely safe. does not collect or store your credit card details in any way, so you need to re-register each time you use your credit card for transactions through this page.


Before your order is confirmed, your credit card will be pre-authorized with a commitment of the total amount (price and any agreed transportation costs) in order to make the corresponding commitment of the products we will ship to you. For certain credit cards that are not technically feasible, pre-approval at this stage will result in a final charge of the total amount. In the event that there is a problem with your pre-approval at the stage of confirming your order, then the company will contact you to consult with you on this issue.


In the event that at any point, even after any dispatch to you of the products you have ordered, even if this pre-approval has been obtained, by mistake and / or due to a technical or other problem and / or for any other reason and cause the final charge of your card has been made with the relevant price and costs, our company has the right to make the final payment of the amount and costs of your executed order at any later stage, at any time fund. With your final billing you will be sent a message to your email address and / or mobile phone you have declared.


In case you have chosen to pay by credit card you should be present when you receive your order with you with your credit card and your identity. In case the order is made in the data and on behalf of a company then the credit card you use is corporate. That is, it has been issued in the data of the respective company. Also on delivery the authorized holder must be present with the credit card and his / her identity.


– By depositing into a Bank Account


If you choose to pay your order by depositing the corresponding amount, the bank accounts to which you can deposit the money are:



Account Number: 5213 049 310 783

IBAN: GR61 0172 2130 0052 1304 9310 783






Account Number: 221 401 104 08

IBAN: GR70 0110 2210 0000 2214 0110 408






IBAN: GR1902602890000330200552636




In the bank’s deposit you must state your full name and your order number.


IMPORTANT NOTE. The deposit should be between accounts of the same bank. Otherwise, a deposit from another bank is considered a remittance and there is an extra charge. You will be charged both by the sender and the recipient, depending on the banking policy of each bank. Please contact our company at +302310735444 before making the deposit.

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