DOMINO ΗΟΒ 3500W (2000+1500)-KD3500

The electric DOMINO hobs KD3500 is ideal for all types of cooking with 2 pots at the same time. It is permanently installed on your kitchen counter. Has quadruple thermal insulation for absolute safety and the highest quality construction materials.
Hob resistance of more than 5000 hours of operation. Continuous operation, suitable for your kitchen, rooms to rent, your holiday home, studio, kitchenettes.

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SKU: 21-005-004-001
-Electric domino hobs Φ185mm-2000W και Φ145mm-1500W
-2 rotary switches with 7 positions
-2 Indication lights
-Quadruple reinforced inside insulation
-Overheat protection
-Stainless steel top
-Silicone and fiber yarn cabling 180C
-CE certification according to LVD, EMC, RoHS, ECO design
-Strong construction
-Outsside dimensions: 51x29x4.5cm
-Mounting dimensions: 49x27 cm
-Weight: 5kg

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